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Screening solutions not only provide answers to critical pre- and post-offer questions, they support organizations’ hiring, risk management, compliance, and safety strategies.

What is your hiring strategy? Does it make sense to invest a small amount of money in post-offer screening tools to ensure a candidate isn’t hiding anything that could become a huge liability once you’ve brought them on as an employee? Depending on the position level and tasks to be performed, a variety of screening tools are available – such as a custom background checks, drug screening, or biometric physicals — that provide an employer insight into who this person is and whether they are the right fit for your business.

Screening solutions should be a regular part of your risk management strategy as well. Key employees should have continual screening. Acquired employees due to a merger or acquisition should be screened. Organizations are adopting continual screening to catch anomalous activity that could be a precursor to actionable behavior. Policies and procedures should also provide guidance on how to handle damaging data when it surfaces about current or acquired employees.

Screening solutions may be required in order to maintain compliance with certain agencies. The Department of Transportation and their agencies may require drug and alcohol testing, background checks on drivers, pilots and other safety sensitive positions, medical examination screens, etc.

Non-profits that receive federal funding from various sources may require regular substance abuse testing for illicit drug use, or clinical testing such as for tuberculosis, hepatitis or varicella, among their healthcare staff.

An organization’s safety strategy may include certain types of screenings be conducted as an OSHA requirement, part of a medical surveillance program, and within their internal environmental health and safety department. IES provides access to a variety of specialty labs for testing, as well as clinics nationally.

Here are just a few of the screenings IES can include as part of a custom program:

Background Check Screens
Substance Abuse Screens
Clinical Screens
Medical Surveillance Screens

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