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Employment Background Verification

Employment background check screening provides a valuable, objective risk-management tool that delivers protection against a bad hire. But you know this, and likely understand the breadth of risk proper screening protects against. From lost customers, data breaches and high turnover, to the unthinkable (workplace violence or active shooters).

IES conducts all background checks in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), assuring you that disclosures are provided, consent is received and the consumer can ask for a re-investigation of a report. Recommended background checks include:

National Criminal search
Civil Record Search
Credit Bureau Reports
7 Year County Specific Search
Motor Vehicle Report
National Sexual Offender Registry
Social Security Number Verification
Employment Verification
Education Verification
License/Credentialing Verification

Additionally, our web-based application is secure and easy to use, turnaround time is fast and your entire pre-employment screening process is offered to you in a One-Stop-Shopping experience!

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