Employee Background Checks

Employee background checks save your business time & money. Our comprehensive service provides assurance and protection for your company and personnel.

Why Employee Background Checks Are Important

Conducting an employee background check is standard practice for many organizations as part of their hiring process. In addition, many firms conduct ongoing checks after an employee has been hired – either for internal policy reasons or to ensure compliance as outlined by a growing number of industries and contract requirements.

Employers can be held responsible for knowing or not knowing certain details about their employees through lawsuits of negligent hiring and retention liability. Regulatory agencies require all employers to provide a safe workplace. Admired organizations choose to make safety and security part of their culture.

Employees that feel safe and secure at work every day inherently trust their employer. It is imperative to be able to know beforehand whether a potential employee has a relevant criminal record and has been involved in serious problems such as reckless behavior, substance abuse, theft, violent behavior, or dishonesty.

Typically, the employment background check reviews a person’s criminal, employment, and/or education records.

Did you know that around 40% of all background checks will detect at least one discrepancy in job applicants’ resumés?

Background screening provides a valuable, objective risk-management tool that delivers protection against a bad hire.

Checks can help protect your organization from lost customers, data breaches and high turnover.


How In-Depth Is An Employee Background Check?

There's no hard and fast rule. Different employers have different background check processes and protocols. The depth of a background check is usually dependent on the company’s own employment policy and contractual requirements from their customers. However if the business is involved in certain sensitive industries, they may be held to a higher standard.

For some organizations the check may be quite superficial, such as checking that validity of a prospective employee’s social security number. However most firms demand a much deeper background check such as work history, driving records, degree verification, court records for the existence of a criminal record, or sex offender information.

There is certain information that cannot be included in an employment background check, for legal reasons. Background check laws also vary between states on what can be reported, and for how long. Some records can only be released if the person concerned signs the proper consent, which can even vary by city within a state. Quite the heavy burden for the employer to manage, do things compliantly, and stay on top of a changing legal landscape.

Impact Employee Solutions consultants are experts in the various State and Federal laws and will work with you to build custom screening packages to meet your needs. It all starts with an understanding of your business.


IES Employee Background Check Services

In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), our employee background check services assure you that the proper disclosures are provided, consent is received and the person being checked can ask for a re-investigation of a disputed report.

Background check options include:

  • National Criminal Search
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • County Criminal Specific Search
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • National Sexual Offender Registry
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • License/Credentialing Verification
  • FACIS lll (for healthcare clients)

We’ve made our employment background screening service fast and easy to use, via our secure online web application.

You can rely on us to deliver timely, thorough, and intelligent background checks for new or existing personnel, helping your organization make employment decisions with confidence and certainty.


It all starts with an understanding of your business