Employee Drug Testing Services

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Drug Testing Services

For many employers, conducting substance abuse testing is the foundation to their corporate health and safety program. In order to have a complete picture and the reassurance that a new hire is physically able to work safely and reliably, the results of pre-employment drug testing are critical.

Regular employment drug screening for substance abuse is perhaps the most important element to a successful workplace program. It is by far the number one deterrent to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Furthermore, your industry may be legally required to enforce an employee drug and alcohol testing policy. For example any company employed directly or indirectly by the federal government is required by law to maintain a drug-free workplace. If you own a business regulated by the Department of Transportation, it is a legal requirement to drug test all employees, as well as to schedule periodic physicals and screenings.

One in eight Americans struggle with alcohol abuse (JAMA Psychiatry 2017 study). Add to this the continually-changing “drug of choice” and it’s clear that a static, “one-size-fits all” substance abuse program has the potential to miss key indicators and put your business, employees – and customers – at risk.

IES custom tailors and administers drug testing programs that meet your business needs as they change over time. With the large variety of drug types found, it’s important to partner with an expert that constantly monitors the trending drugs of abuse. Impairment and workplace safety simply don’t mix.


DOT Drug Testing Services

Employment drug screening is obviously vitally important for transportation businesses. All IES staff are experienced and trained in drug testing chain-of-custody protocols and alcohol testing procedures. This includes certification to conduct both Department of Transport (DOT) and non-DOT screening services.

Our DOT drug testing services covers a wide range of industries. From trucking, aviation, railroad, public transit, coastguard, and even pipeline and hazardous materials.

  • DOT and non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Policy Design, Development, Management, and Administration
  • Random Program Management, Training & Testing
  • Pre- and Post-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing, Training & Program Management
  • Training and Consulting Resources

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