Employee Clinical Screening Services

Employees are a company’s most valuable and important asset. We can help to ensure that as an employer, you don’t just hire the right employee for the job. We can also help ensure you’re providing the safest possible workplace.

We offer a wide range of clinical screening solutions focused on maintaining the health and wellness of your employees. We can tailor a program customized to your industry, requirements, and exposures that aligns both with your safety strategy and your policies.

IES offers a variety of clinical screening for employees, including:

Heavy Metals (such as arsenic, lead, mercury)
Lipid Panel
Cotinine (Nicotine)
Industrial Allergy Testing

We also offer a full menu of immunizations:

Hepatitis A & B

Employees can be exposed to toxic fumes, tetanus in soil or dust, and other harmful irritants within their environments. We can add custom screening solutions that will enhance your existing environmental health and safety program, medical surveillance requirements, and wellness program.

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