Continuous Court Records Monitoring

An innovative service from IES that allows employers to evaluate workforce risk faster and more affordably.

Mitigate workforce negligent retention risk

Today's employment model is radically different from even a few years ago.

Many businesses are following a growing trend of employing contract workers. At the same time they're seeing more frequent employee turnover, increasing fraud and substance abuses, and negligent retention lawsuits.

As the world moves to a more fluid employee hiring and administration position, fixed pre-hire and "point in time" background checks are simply no longer enough.

Continuous Court Monitoring Services

The solution is the addition of an uninterrupted court record search after the employee, or contractor, has been hired.

Continuous Monitoring automates and streamlines the employee checking process, allowing employers to more easily conduct proactive due diligence as well as better manage workforce related risk:

  • Mitigate negligent retention liability
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Promote trust and a commitment to a safe workplace
  • Stay ahead of risk

What is Continuous Workforce Court Monitoring?

A background check provides an employer valuable history on an applicant, which is perfect at-hire. What happens after hire is unknown to you. CM immediately alerts you of any public record made available within hours. The entire process is fully automated and probably costs less than you're currently paying per employee for a 'one-off' post-hire screen.

Businesses of every size spend copious amounts of money on physical and cybersecurity tools to protect their assets. However they’re woefully lacking when it comes to resources devoted to keeping tabs on potentially risky or criminal behavior by employees.

Some of the top risks that security executives report their organizations are concerned about are:

  • Device theft or loss (86%)
  • Fraud (80%)
  • Cybersecurity threats (74%)
  • Workplace violence and threats (55%)

Of the organizations that run post-hire checks of their workforce, leadership and supervisors are reduced to keeping their fingers crossed that employees will self-report should they commit an offense. Even if explicitly stated in your company policy, there’s not guarantee an employee will self-report.

Any trust-based system is, of course, open to abuse; possibly placing the employer in a precarious moral - as well as legal - position.

For example, imagine a childcare facility that conducts a standard, once-a-year background check at the point of employee hire. Then imagine that same employee commits a crime which leads to a registration on the sex offender’s list. The employer will not know about it until the next background check, which may be a full year, and the employee is accessing children for that time.

The risk posed to the facility, the children at the facility, and the reputation of the enterprise could be immense - even catastrophic.

Continuous Monitoring: The end of "one-and-done"

The existing, legacy approach of doing pre-hire background checks is typically a 'one-and-done' process. Clearly such a methodology isn't perfect, but it hit a balance between cost-effectiveness and the manpower required to administer it.

Continuous Monitoring is the next evolution of effective workforce screening. It combines a more up-to-date approach of managing risk with an affordable and resource-light application of the technology. Continuous Monitoring provides the opportunity to mitigate risks before they become crises.

Many types of organizations operate in environments governed by federal regulations. Failure to meet these regulations can lead to fines or the loss of critical business licenses. Organizations working in regulated industries need a way to reduce the administrative burden of meeting regulations, while also ensuring that employees are never out of compliance. Only Continuous Monitoring screening allows employers to focus on behavior specific to an employee’s role and the risk they pose to customers, colleagues, and the company as a whole.

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