COVID-19 Testing Services

Our dedicated expert team is on hand to help your business get back to business in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 Testing Service

As the US begins to open back up, businesses across the country need a comprehensive plan on how their people will return to the workplace.

America’s businesses have been struck by the Coronavirus pandemic in a variety of negative ways - financially, productively, and psychologically. Leaders are looked upon by staff and management for resolution, safety, and empathy. Planning for what to do and running through scenarios to create contingency plans during an unprecedented time makes it hard to build confidence.

How your business handles the COVID-19 pandemic will send a big message about your brand and your values, to both employees and clients.

As businesses begin to reopen, employees will need to feel you are doing everything possible to make the workplace physically safe for them. Not only do they expect it, it's your obligation as their employer.


COVID Testing Is Just The Beginning

Testing your employees for COVID-19 is part of your duty of care as an employer to provide a safe working environment. However, implementing a testing protocol within your organization is just a part of what a workplace safety program should provide.

Consideration needs to be given to every workplace interaction, with a clearly-defined process and audit trail for everyone involved in your workplace safety processes.

Examples may be implementing plexiglass barriers to customer-facing staff, or the supply of N95 masks and hand sanitizer gel. Employee traffic flow around the workplace may need to be revised to faciliate social distancing, especially in communal areas such as washrooms or canteens.

Knowing the exposure of your employees creates a baseline from which to plan a safe return. It takes the guess work out. The success of your program depends on knowledge - not guesswork or supposition.

Employee COVID-19 PCR Testing

Testing employees is critical to the safety and well-being of everyone in your organization. Prompt and accurate testing helps keeps infection rates down, and saves lives.

The prospect of exposure among fellow employees is an employer’s worst fear. Should symptoms present themselves in the workplace, you need solutions fast.

Remember: a person with COVID-19 can be asymptomatic (i.e. show no outward symptoms) yet be contagious. The risk of infecting the workplace is real and deadly.

We have COVID-19 antigen lab testing ready and available now.

This simple nose swab only requires 3 swipes of the anterior nasal cavity for both sides. It’s easy, comfortable and accurate. The lab test is the most sensitive and specific technology available, verifying the presence of active Coronavirus.

We deliver the testing in a variety of ways, determining this with you the best solution to minimize downtime. Reports are presented in 2-5 days.

The nation is reopening. Employees need to return to work. Impact Employee Solutions provides a critical support component to your Physical Safety Program.


It all starts with an understanding of your business