employee depression, drug abuse, and suicide

Employee Substance Abuse, Depression, & Suicide

Gina KeslerDrug Abuse, Employment Screening

Depression is the number one risk factor for suicide. Substance abuse is number two. Substance abuse is a significant factor in many suicide deaths. Drug free workplace programs can help to prevent suicide. According to a 2019 study that examined almost half a million American workers, the percentage of employees with symptoms of depression rose more than 18% from 2014 …

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Employees Driving While Impaired: The Implications To Your Business

Gina KeslerDrug Abuse

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol became an even more serious traffic safety issue in the U.S. during the recent pandemic. Anxiety, stress, and depression brought on by COVID-19 caused many people to turn to alcohol and drugs to manage their emotions. Too often, these people would then get behind the wheel of an automobile while impaired. For …

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Substance Abuse: The Cost Of The Ongoing Epidemic

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Because of increased stress levels due to the pandemic and other social issues, workplace substance abuse has intensified in many organizations — public and private — along with its very destructive manifestations. Prescription drug abuse, opioid use disorder, and alcoholism are among the most common and costly health conditions currently affecting Americans. The opioid epidemic alone in our country has …