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Substance Abuse: The Cost Of The Ongoing Epidemic

Gina KeslerDrug Abuse, Drug testing, Employment Screening, Marijuana

Because of increased stress levels due to the pandemic and other social issues, workplace substance abuse has intensified in many organizations — public and private — along with its very destructive manifestations. Prescription drug abuse, opioid use disorder, and alcoholism are among the most common and costly health conditions currently affecting Americans. The opioid epidemic alone in our country has …

Nevada has not banned employer drug testing

Nevada Bans Employer Marijuana Testing? It’s Nothing But Fake News

Jay HughesDrug testing, Employment Screening, Marijuana

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A few months ago, businesses in Nevada didn’t know what to believe. It seemed as though the state was about to ban any employer from drug testing their employees. The headlines from June 12th 2019 were everywhere. CNN had Nevada bans employers from refusing to hire those who fail marijuana tests, …

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Do States Really Want To Be Like Colorado?

Gina KeslerDrug testing, Marijuana

The Marijuana Industry is making a mad dash to legalize recreational marijuana in all States. Why? There’s huge money to be made! Not unlike the Big Tobacco battle of the 1970’s, the marijuana industry sees their fight to make weed legal as Big Tobacco 2.0. With a similar strategy as 50 years ago, the same mentality of “get them hooked young and you have …